A letter from our President, Emma Easton

Dear parents,

Welcome to Alpha Omega! My name is Emma Easton and I am President for the 2020-2021

year. I would love to invite you to learn all about what our sorority offers. I am so excited to

provide you an understanding of the values, goals, and knowledge of Alpha Omega.

Female students from all over the world have found a home in sorority chapters for centuries.

Organizations that are built through friendship, leadership, philanthropy, and networking,

providing encouragement and comfort in the women around us.

Alpha Omega Sorority is a local organization serving the Kitchener-Waterloo region at Wilfrid

Laurier University. Established in 1993, Alpha Omega was rooted using the motto “Harmony

Through Individuality”, not only accepting each other for our differences but utilizing the

diversity to make us strong in all areas of life. This sorority not only provides support to our

sisters but gives back to the greater community through our philanthropic endeavours as well.

Throughout the year, we have many different philanthropic events to take part in. We have our

annual brunch, Breakfast in Bloom, which supports Anselma House, a local shelter for women

and their children who have dealt with domestic violence. We also have bake sales, raffles, and

events with the whole Greek Life community to help raise money for our philanthropies. This

year we are very excited to be supporting Black Women in Motion; a Toronto-based, youth-

led organization that empowers and supports the advancement of black women and

survivors of sexual violence.

Alpha Omega sisters are also scholars, who know the importance of and value education.

Through some of our junior executive positions, our resource chair and support chair make sure

our sisters have access to resources around campus regarding academic support and mental

health resources. We also have many study sessions throughout the year for sisters to attend.

Our sisters are proven to be well-rounded individuals who immerse themselves into an


organization that provides opportunities that develop and build skills of leadership,

responsibility, communication, and friendship.

When I came to Laurier 4 years ago, I knew I wanted to be involved on campus, so I was

prepared coming into it. When I was accepted at Laurier, I immediately looked at the list of

clubs and activities and saw sororities listed. I researched Alpha Omega’s website and social

media and knew it was the perfect fit for me. During the first week at the Get Involved Fair, I

saw the Alpha Omega booth, and convinced my shy self to go up and introduce myself and it

was the best decision I ever made. Every sister made me feel so welcome. I made such amazing

friends through Alpha Omega that I know will last a lifetime, because it’s not just four years it’s

for life. I did not realize when I joined, that I had what it took to be a leader, but when the

elections came in my first year, I thought I would give it a try. That was one of the best

decisions I have ever made. I have been Standards Chair, Vice President, and now President and

have learned so much from each of these roles about how to be the leader I am and how to

make a difference in my community.

Alpha Omega has given me a home away from home and given me so many people I can call my

sister. This sorority is full of empowered women who want to make a change in the world. The

success of Alpha Omega is rooted in friendship, love, and sisterhood.

I hope this letter has given you an insight into our sisterhood and the amazing work we do. I

hope your child finds a home in Alpha Omega Sorority.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Emma Easton

Alpha Omega Sorority