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Dear Members of Laurier Community 


We are very excited for the fall semester 2021 and for our upcoming fall recruitment period. COVID 19 has changed many aspects of student life and changes have been made by our organization to maintain the safety of all students. This means that recruitment for Alpha Omega will continue to look very different this year for our sisters and for those looking to join our organization. Alpha Omega seeks throughout our recruitment period to get to know all who wish to join and to welcome new members into our sisterhood. Alpha Omega is a group of women built on support and trust of one another. As we put the safety of our members first, our fall recruitment period will remain online through zoom. We have been preparing for our fall recruitment and are so excited to welcome anyone interested in Alpha Omega. We are constantly learning and trying new things online and we are excited for you to be on this journey with us. Stay tuned to our website and social media for information pertaining to events that will be held online and how you can learn more about our organization. If you wish to receive updates about our online recruitment please fill out the form located on our website or email Kenzie Bidwell at with any questions. We look forward to connecting with you throughout our fall recruitment period and hope to see you for our upcoming events. 



Hayley Brennan and Kenzie Bidwell

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